NJDBC at China Races

HKDBF - 2012 Guangzhou Dragon Boat Race Series

Frequently Asked Questions (12/28/11 update, 1/1/12 revision, 2/24 revisions)


    • Q: How do I signup?

          • Send an email to "china at" with following form completed (form available shortly).

          • Send a $300 deposit check (written to "NJ Dragon Boat Club", send to NJDBC, P.O. Box 51, East Hanover, NJ 07936). You confirmed on roster when I receive your check. Call or email me when you send your check so I can keep a look out for it.

          • Email me a passport-like picture

          • Verify the status of your registration on the "roster page" (available shortly).

    • Q: I forgot what I sent you, what do I owe?

          • Check the "roster" page, this has the entire listing of folks I have as "registered" and lists items folks still need "to-do".

    • Q: When do I need to sign up by?

          • Actually anytime up to the June 18 at the Hong Kong Airport. I strongly suggested you signup ASAP, as this is a recreational crew entry. And as defined by NJDBC, that means we take the first 20 paddlers and that's it! Regardless of experience - No one will sit out. We'll start a waitlist after 20 and will create another team when the waitlist grows to 16 paddlers. Then the crews will be re-rostered by ability - but NO alternates.

    • Q: (2/1/12) When can I drop out without losing my deposit?

          • Drop out before 2/1/12, and you will get all of your deposit returned.

          • After February 1, 2012, we can only return $100 of your $300 deposit. BUT if we can fill your seat AND we go with a full 20 paddlers, then $275 of your $300 will be returned.

      • Q: What travel dates should I be shooting for?

          • Depart USA by June 17. (NYC departure arrives HK or other major China city by June 18 evening), June 19 AM rail to Nanning or June 20 Hong Kong flight to Nanning.

          • Depart Asia by July 1 (HK departure arrives in NYC the "same" calendar day you left Hong Kong). The race coordinator will ensure you get to either Guangzhou airport or Hong Kong Airport in time for your 7/1 flight.

          • NYC to HK non-stop flight = 15-18 hours, 1 stop = 18-20 hours

    • Q: Where do I obtain a Visa to enter China?

    • Q: Will I get help for my trip expenses?

          • Room and board at these race sites provided by the various host cities.

    • Q: What happens if we do not have enough for a full crew?

          • If we can't fill our seats from dragonboaters from the US, then we will utilize our IN-CHINA contacts to seek out locals to join us!

    • Q: Who are qualified participants?

          • Anyone who can pay their deposit, and secures entry into the China with a valid passport and visa!

    • Q: What happens if more than 21 submissions per team are sent in?

          • We will take the 1st 20 checks for paddlers in hand.

    • Q: Do participants need experience?

          • NO, This venture (ADVENTURE) is a NJ Dragon Boat Club Crew project - for recreational and experienced paddlers. If we manage to field more than 1 team, then one team will be rostered with the strongest paddlers. But no one will sit out.

    • Q: Can I bring non-participants?

          • We can take up to 6 friends or relatives. This too is first come first served as the race folks will only sponsor 28 per team (22 crew members, 6 support crew). Additional folks will probably have to pay another hundred or so if we go over the roster. Keep track of the roster page to track how many slots we have left open. Non-racers will need to pay all the same deposit components as the competitors except for a team uniform if they didn't want one.

    • Q: Is there more information we should expect between now and the races?

          • All items listed here may be revised as we get closer to race day.

    • Q: How much are the visas for China? and how do we go about getting one?

          • China currently charges holders of US passports $140 for a single or multiple entry. This fee is the responsibility of the owner. I will care for getting Visas for a bunch of passports IF Passports and applications are in my hands by early May, when I will take them to NYC's consulate for visa validation for a $10 "NYC pain and suffering" fee.

    • Q: Can people stay longer and tour China?

          • Sure! But let me know as we may have others interested in staying longer or arriving earlier. I'm probably staying later in Hong Kong for the Club crew races.

    • Q: What are the race distances?

          • Somewhere between a 250-1km, and the one monster 108KM race.

    • Q: What are the categories?

          • Open (which means no gender requirements) and Women. I'm hoping they also run mixed crews in case we don't fill either, otherwise we may have to enter the open division.

    • Q: Do we need racing uniforms?

          • Yes, but any T-shirt branding "USA" will do. Let me know if your local discount store has cheapie "USA" t-shirts. I usually can get them at $5-10 each. But this year, I may try to find someone to screen a "dragon boat" related design on it.

    • Q: Do we have anyone trying to get a group travel airline discount?

          • It's generally pretty tough. I will try to get something - but generally it will be a code you would have to make your own arrangements

    • Q: Any info on the hotels we'll be staying?

          • I expect to have Nanning by May 1.