Radio Codes

What and Why?

The Radio Code is a 4-digit code provided by the Radio Manufacturer (Becker makes the radios for Porsche) without which the radio does not function. It was used to provide some assurance that a thief will have trouble using/selling the radio if he doesn't have the code. It was used on '97 thru '02 Boxsters. Later Boxsters don't require the code and use different radios.

The code is required any time the battery is disconnected for a significant time such as for service, a discharged battery, or a battery replacement.

The dealer is supposed to have delivered a credit-card sized plastic card with the Radio Code to the original owner. Look in the leather binder you got with the car. (Of course it shouldn't be stored there because the thief might look for it there.)

What if you don't have the card?

The code is often written inside the front trunk lid on the build sticker or on the build sticker that is inside the maintenance manual by a mechanic who is disconnecting the radio. 

And if it isn't there?

The dealer can get the code for you if you provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the serial number of the radio.

Post the serial number of the radio on renntech  and there is a kind gent who can get you the code. There is a specific thread where you post the serial number and the gent gets back to you in a day or two with numbers to try based on an algorithm someone worked out.

How do I get the serial number?

For a Becker CDR220 (the most common Boxster radio, the one with a CD player inside the detachable front plate) you can turn the radio on with the power button, then press the TP button until Becker 1 appears on the LCD. Then use the right-hand knob to turn to the selection for "Seri:" which is followed by the serial number of the Becker CD unit.

The serial number is also on a sticker on the rear of the radio but you have to pull the radio to get at it. You need Radio pulling forks from Becker to do this. Any car radio shop or the dealer can do this for $$$. But why bother.