Airbag Warning Light TSB

As of April 2007, there may be an update to or replacement for this TSB. Ask your dealer to check. When I went in for the 4th time, the service tech mentioned that they had changed what Porsche wanted them to do in the past year.

Maurice wrote:

When diagnosing Airbag Warning Lamp on and the fault codes are DTC 44, 45, 46, or 50 Drivers side and/or DTC 47, 48, 49, or 51 Passenger side, the faults may be caused by poor connection at pins B7 and B8 of plug connections X16 and X17. The wiring connections have been corrected as of VIN WPOCA2983WS620157 and the belt buckles as of VIN WPOCA298XWS620138.

The latest Porsche fix involves replacing both seat belt buckles, splicing and soldering in four leads with "gold plated and greased" contact springs and substituting them for four of the original contact springs in the 8-pin connector under the driver's (left) side seat (positions B5, B6, B7, & B8), doing the same but with only two contact springs on the 8-pin connector under the passenger's (right) side seat (positions B7 & B8), and then splicing and soldering beefier leads with cable lugs in place of thinner leads all leading to a ground point under each seat.

After that, you must substitute new plug caps on the the 8-pin connectors, which now include a tab that is used to securely fasten all of the wires exiting the 8-pin connectors with cable ties, and add cable ties to the female 8-pin connectors on the undersides of the seats and you are almost done.

Again, it's a straightforward job once you decipher the descriptions and language in the TSB, which is a special chore in itself.

Then you have to reset the airbag light with your Durametric, PST2 or PIWIS and that provides a "permanent" fix.

Not doing both seats (regardless of the specific codes) is just putting off the inevitable, IMHO.

Total cost was about $170, and, contrary to the TSB, no special Porsche tool needed (just an adapted $5 terminal extractor).

Procedure for MY97 to MY00 is slightly different than for vehicles from part of MY00 on.

Needed to correct fault codes 45, 46, 48 and/or 49.

Replacing both sides provides some insurance against future occurrences.

Parts are the same, as follows:
996.803.183.09 Driver's side belt buckle
996.803.183.10 Passenger's side belt buckle Service Set Belt Buckle (2 required)

996.618.219.02 Airbag Control Module (Only in case of repeated repair).

The "service set belt buckle" is essentially a kit of wire leads, heat shrink tubing, wire end ferrules, plastic connectors, tie-wraps, etc.

Above info is from most recent TSB #6924.

The Airbag light can be reset (once the cause is fixed) by Durametric s/w, or a PST2 or a PWIS (Porsche firmware in diagnostic computers). But not from a "code reader".

There are folks who have just used Hosa Technology Caig DeoxIT D5 Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator, Deoxidizer Aerosol Spray, 5 Oz on the contacts. Warning ...toxic to finish so use rags to protect from overspray.


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