My Porsche Boxster Pictures

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'70 914 

Bought the first week of availability. A Porsche for $3,600!

Sold the week before the warranty expired for $2,400..

Wonderful concept, dealer network totally unprepared to maintain it. In the shop an average of every other week for 2 years (I worked a block from the dealers. They used to joke about my parking space.) with the same problems.

'99 Boxster

Went out to buy a 928.

Bought Spring 2004 after a 15 minute drive, my first ever in a Boxster.

Totaled Thanksgiving 2004

'01 Boxster S

Bought January 2005 in the snow.

After someone dinged my rear bumper at a stop light.  I doubt if you can see any damage as the bumperettes and bumper cover hide the bumper support structure which did its job beautifully.  No sheet metal damage and no damage to the lights.

Currently at ~54k miles.