Accessing the engine bay

from the top


Removeing the Engine Cover

Before you start work in the engine compartment, remove your belt and anything else that could scratch the paint as you lean over the car. Use old towels to protect the fender’s finish on both sides just to be safe as you’ll be leaning over the fenders to get at things.

The engine compartment cover removal procedure is covered in the owner's manual (pages 179-182 in mine) with pictures, is a one-person job, and is pretty easy. Just take your time. It involves parking the top part way up, unhooking it, strapping it up out of the way ( never found the strap and mine stayed up without it), removing the cubby box behind the seats, the sound deadening upholstery and removing the engine cover. You need no tools for this. You do need a place to set the 3 car-wide items you have removed (good time to get the vacuum cleaner out and clean them).