Change the oil at least every 6-7k miles or one year no matter what the dealer or owner's manual tells you. This based on an chemical analysis of the Mobil 1 0W40 fully synthetic oil at that point.

Oil change without jacks

Headlamp replacement

Instrument cluster removal

Cleaning the radiators (do it every 15k miles)(removing front bumper)

Change your own spark plugs

Do your own brake pads and rotors

Bleed and flush brake fluid

Rear Main Seal

Coolant tank replacement

Drain points

Wheel rash cure

Car washing

Paint chip repair

Jacking the Boxster

Diagnostic codes

Becker radio web site (supplier to most Boxsters)

Tire designations for Porsche (n0, N1, etc)


Ignition Switch

Replace rotors, pads, brake fluid, bleed system

Replacing the top

Replacing the TOP - A DIY

Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) and discount part source

Oxygen Sensors (including discount parts source)

Open the hood to get at a dead battery

Airbag light on – early Boxsters

A/C Diagnostics

Removing door panels

Repairing side windows, side window regulator

Sensitive Horn (blows when you hit a bump or just very sensitive)

Relays and what they control

Replacing the parking brake micro-switch

What your spark plugs shouldn't look like

The below are all at Pedro's:

  • Cleaning the Throttle Body
  • Bleeding/Flushing Brake/Clutch Fluid
  • Installing the TechnoBrace
  • Plugging a Tire
  • Replacing the CVJ Boots/Half Axles
  • Replacing Brake Pads and Rotors
  • Making the Pedro Sport Exhaust
  • Installing the 3rd Center Radiator
  • Top Operational While-in-Motion Hack
  • Making a Hi-Flo Air Intake
  • Upholstering Interior Pieces in Leather
  • Fixing Sticky Radio Buttons
  • Replacing the Ignition Switch
  • Painting Brake Calipers
  • Replacing the Fuel Filter
  • Repairing Under-Panels
  • Changing the Oil and Filters
  • Changing the Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Tubes/O-rings

Coming soon:

  • Replacing the Air/Oil Separator
  • Replacing the Poly-Rib Belt
  • Installing a Larger Oil Cooler
  • Installing Carbon Fibre or Wood Dash Kits

2GOBOX's list of parts and tools needed to do a 30k


  • Snap-On 3/8 in. Drive Wobble Extension
  • Craftsman 8mm Hex wrench socket, 3/8 in. drive
  • Stride Tool Type J Oil Filter Wrench – 76 mm, 14 flutes, 3/8 in. drive
  • Craftsman Torx screwdriver set
  • Scissor Jack
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • 2 Jack Stands
  • 2 Porsche Jack Pads
  • 2 Creepers
  • 15L Oil Drain Container
  • Bottle Spark Plug Thread Lubricant with Applicator Brush
  • Motive Power Bleeder
  • Motive Fluid Catch Bottle
  • 1 set radio removal tools 


  • 1L Porsche Coolant 
  • 1L Porsche DOT 4 Brake Fluid
  • 10 quarts Mobil 1 0W40
  • 1 Porsche Oil Filter Element, Crush Ring and O-Ring 
  • 1 Set Bremo Brake Pads, Front 
  • Set Bremo Brake Pads, Rear 
  • 1 Pollen Filter 
  • 1 Air Filter 
  • 1 Fuel Filter 
  • 6 Spark Plugs