Owner's Manual (under Online Docs Menu)

Radio Manual (Becker site charges via paypal)

or here (for free, you may have to register) (under Quick Menu, Porsche Owners Manuals (they keep moving the menus around, you may have to hunt a bit))

ODBII Codes (under Online Docs Menu if direct link doesn't work)

Technical Service Bulletins (list, you get the text of the TSB's only after donating to RennTech)

Get a parts list (called the "PET") by going to This will give you a 400 page .pdf file from which pages can be printed as needed.

Get the multi-thousand page Boxster Maintenance Manuals the dealer uses (but of course they aren't sold by Porsche any more). Sometimes they do appear in for-sale areas. The online UK site that used to host them is now down and they were 1998 vintage anyway without updates. Sometimes you find CDs with the pdfs available on fleabay. They often help and there are wiring diagrams, diagnostic flow charts, references to special tools, etc.