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Pick the mechanic before you pick the car. Check with other Porsche owners.

If the seller will not permit a PPI, walk away from the deal.

Negotiate the agreed on price of the sale before the PPI.

Don't settle on a "foreign car mechanic". You want one with water cooled Porsche specific experience.

Ask on the Boxster/986 forums for recommendations of a shop local to the seller.

Visit the shop, see what cars they are working on.

Ask to see a sample PPI. They should work from a plan.

Ask for a compression test. Or a leakdown test.

Ask for a oil filter inspection for metallic debris.

Expect to pay for the PPI.

Expect to share the PPI with the seller.

Expect to renegotiate the price only if there is something major found. All cars have flaws, especially ones this old.

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