Boxster (986) Parts and Shipping Companies

Salvage Yards that Advertised in Panorama and/or Excellence

Part Works of Chicago 1-800-366-9147

Silver Star Recycling Rancho Cordova CA 1-800-783-4911

Dart 1-303-296-1188 Denver CO

Oklahoma Foreign seems closed

20th Street Auto Parts Phoenix AZ 1-800-999-4911

PartsHeaven Hayward CA 1-800-767-7250

Easy Emeryville CA 1-510-633-EASY

dC Automotive Rocky Mount NC 1-800-579-2410

Others known to specialize in Wrecked Porsches

LA Dismantlers 1-818-PORSCHE Pompano Beach FL San Diego

A link to a multi-source part finder

UK Parts Sources in the UK Lancashire in the UK steve strange on eBay

boxsterbits on eBay and on eBay or in Doncaster in Leeds

Canadian Parts Sources

Whaletail Canada


PORSCHAPART Toronto Canada 416-798-9598

black gold import auto parts in Nisku( Edmonton) Alberta


Das Wrecker -

Das Nine

Frequently Recommended Porsche Dealers

with reasonable prices who do mail order

sunset porsche in oregon, suncoast porsche in florida

Upholstery produces leather seats, tops, headliners, etc. sells RECARO seats sells sheepskin seatcovers sells neoprene seat covers

Aftermarket heated seats where Dennis put in the OEM elements, relays etc… to get the seats heated.

Here are a couple of aftermarket companies:

Parts Lists

Parts Prices from one source (click on the logo on top of the Porsche Frequently Used Parts list to get a more complete list

It is often wise to ask sponsors that give discounts to members of PPBB

Many dealers give discounts to Porsche Club of America (PCA) members.

Companies that will ship a car (will get 5 quotes) for reviews of other shippers experiences. enter details of your shipment, receive bids


A list of companies who advertise in Excellence by specialty area

Mike Focke's Porsche Boxster Web Pages

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