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I am no longer as active in the Boxster community as I once was and these pages are no longer as actively maintained. I have sold my car only because it was so seldom used and deserved a new home from someone who would appreciate it.

Good luck "E J" and, as of March 2015, Jason. 5 owners and 80k plus miles.


Ask technical questions on one of the online forums

as the collective wisdom is frequently

better than a single individual's. (see note 1)


These pages are generally specific to the

Model 986 (1997-2004) Boxster

and not the Model 987 (2005-2011).


Buying and Selling Thoughts

Tips on Buying a 1997-2004 (986) Boxster- Part 1 and read Part 2 also Modified 5/10/2009

Boxster Model Year to Model Year Changes This goes in the middle of the buying tips articles to help you figure out what model years had significant changes and which didn't..

Tips on Buying A Boxster- Part 2 we'll assume you've already read part 1 Modified 2/18/2009

986 or 987? New 3/18/2010

VIN and Option Decoding (where was it built and what options came from the factory?)

The Pre-Purchase Inspection Almost every used car purchase needs one

What Else To Buy From The Dealer

Extended Warranty? Modified 3/1/2009

Ten Best, Ten Worst Things about a Boxster (one person's opinion)

Problem Areas No car is without some Modified 3/17/2012

The Boxster in Winter It can be a 4 season car. And how best to store it.

Tips On Selling a Boxster Modified 8/9/2011

Prolonging the Life of your Boxster New 11/2/2009


It Isn't Fast Enough? Modified 4/8/2009

Cup Holders For the '97-'99 Boxsters without them

Replacement Bulbs for Headlights Are they worth it?


After A Bad Accident, What You Can Expect? Modified 5/4/2009

Towing a Boxster


Boxster Batteries Replacement batteries, battery maintainers, how to test them, etc Modified 4/4/2010

When Your Battery Is Dead And you've locked the truck so you can't get to it Modified 5/10/2009

Fluids and Such

Approved Motor Oils Modified 3/7/2009

AntiFreeze for your Boxster

Oiled Air Filters Should you use one?


Buying Tires For A Boxster Modified 2/28/2009

Where To Go For Repairs and Maintenance

Dealer or Independent Mechanic for maintenance?

Northern Virginia and Maryland Porsche Repair Shops Modified 10/20 2014

A Parts List (for free with diagrams)

A link to the official site for PETs for all models PDF format Modified 6/26/2017

Do It Yourself Maintenance

Accessing the engine bay from the top

The 986's Check Engine Light Modified 4/23/2009

Maintenance How-to "do it yourself" links Modified 1/24/2009

Hacks Links to small modifications which change the way the car looks or functions. Modified 2/17/2009

Maintenance Schedule For An '01

Specific Maintenance Do-It-Yourself Pages

Brake Rotors

What I Use To Maintain The Looks Of My Boxster

Ignition Switch Replacement Erratic electricals? A How To.

Alternator Replacement

Heater-A/C Blower Removal and Replacement.

Broken Retainer Nuts for Visors or Center Latch Housing in Windshield Header

Cam Cover Leaks Modified 2/1/09

Replacing the Power Steering Fluid New 5/16//09

Radio Codes

Airbag Warning Light TSB If you have repeated problems

Drains Diagram Keep 'em clean and free flowing

Light Bulbs List

Fuse Box Scan of the diagram that was inside the access hatch of my fuse box

Improving AM Radio Reception Get rid of the static

Painting your Calipers

What side is Bank 1? And where is cylinder #3? Modified 1/13/2010

Blown Engine Options

What can you do if your engine is blown? Modified 12/15/2014


Subject too dynamic to maintain a list of available kits

Pollution Control System Maintenance

Air Oil Separator Replacement Huge cloud of white smoke? A how to. Modified 1/10/2010

Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) ? Information on the Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Secondary Air Injection System Modified 4/9/2009

Oxygen Sensor Part numbers and tips on where to buy and how to do it yourself. Save $$$$ !

Throttle Body Cleaning often cures rough idle (a direct link to Pedro's writeup)


Undocumented A/C Diagnostics They aren't just for displaying A/C parameters!

The Top

A sub-index of top related articles provided by Maurice

Lists of Links

Lists of Dismantlers, Salvage Yards, Parts Sources, Shippers Wrecking yards specializing in porsche parts, upholstery vendors, after-market heated seats, parts lists, etc. Modified 3/21/2021

Manuals Links to online manual sources

Communicating About The Boxster

Acronyms You'll Read Modified 2/17/2017

Boxster Forums Links Modified 7/10/2017

My Porsche Pictures

My (2001 S) "Build Sheet"

Note 1: See "the Jury Theorem" of Nicolas de Condorcet ( an 18th century French philosopher) who posited that the decision made collectively by large groups of people were more likely to turn out correctly than decisions made by an individual especially in cases where each individual has only partial information as in the case where a single person has experience in only one aspect of the question..

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I am not a Porsche mechanic. Far from it.

You use these instructions at your own risk. I accept no liability. If you can’t accept those terms, don’t use them.

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Comments from the Author

They are often a collection of many others contributions and wisdom. The errors are mine.

They are offered in the spirit of sharing what I know about this wonderful hobby of owning a Porsche. I've always had a bit of the "librarian of information" about me, why not extend that to this hobby for the benefit of others. If we hoard what we know, we all know only what we know. If we all share what we know, we all benefit from the collective wisdom.

Always remember how lucky we are to be able to afford such a car. Don't look down on those who aren't so lucky.

Treat the new owner nicely, remember you were there once.

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