Ignition Switch Replacement

Denny T suggested I add the following:The new switch female orifice must be aligned up with the male piece that is an extension of the key. I did not do this and the new switch went in place but car would not start though all other functions of the car were OK. When inserting the new switch you must gently put pressure on it (without tightening down the two little screws) with your finger and gently turn the key until the switch "falls/clicks in place". Then the male portion is now in the female orifice of the new switch. If you don't do this, the switch will go in but will not start the car. You also can move the new switch female portion to line up exactly as the old one you just took out prior to installation.

Erratic electricals or a key moved to the far right "starter on" position that isn't spring-returned to the center or "run" position on the ignition switch can be symptoms that indicate a replacement is needed.

These tools are actual Porsche parts:

Tool # 9631 , description: ignition switch tool -order# 000 721 963 10

Tool # 9263 , description:pipe -order# 000 721 926 30

The tools you use could be just normal screwdrivers that have been shortened and the blades made smaller and sharper so they fit the tiny screw slots. The screws are tough to get out so you can't use a fragile screwdriver equally small (like an eye glasses screwdriver) because the screws are held in by paint.

Others have recommended Craftsman 3 pc. Screwdriver Set, Finger Bit Sears item #00941390000 Mfr. model #41390

If you are working on a '97 through '02 Boxster, make sure you have your radio code handy. '03 and '04 Boxsters don't use the same code system for their security.

The Ignition Switch and how it connects

The part itself is an Audi part # 4A0 905 849 B, cheaper than a Porsche part <grin>.

(credit to ToolPants on RennTech)

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