Brake Rotors


There is no point in my trying to duplicate what is a great series of web pages concerning Do-It-Yourself brake work including changing pads, changing/flushing the brake fluid and changing the rotors. All are relatively easy DIY tasks well documented here.



For both Boxster and Cayman and for years 1997 through at least 2007 

                       As delivered
                                      Minimum before replacement

Front, Base         24mm    22mm 

Rear, Base         20mm    18mm

Front, S              28mm    26mm

Rear, S               24mm    22mm

Modern rotors are so thin to save weight (both for unsprung weight's influence on handling and for EPA CAFE reasons) that they are no longer resurfaced, just replaced. Replacing rotors is a relatively easy and straight forward task, just look up the instructions for replacing the pads and you'll see pictures of how to remove the calipers. Once that is done, you replace the rotors and replace the calipers. There is no reason to pay for this to be done if you have average mechanical ability and tools. Also consider eBay as a source of parts. Or ask on the PPBB forum where the current best deals are.

Porsche rotors come with the "hats" (center section) painted to prevent rust. If your aftermarket rotors aren't, consider painting them with rust resistant paint.

Lots more information on brake parts here.