I am Mathematics Honours Coordinator

Summer 2016 I will be teaching MATH1120 compressed mode (7Jan-12Feb2016)
Enrolment information will be available soon - last year's information is here


past courses taught

AMSI summer school, Newcastle, 2015 
Geometric group theory (co-taught with Lawrence Reeves)  
GGT course page

The University of Newcastle
Honours reading course on group theory Sem 2 2014
Honours course on topological groups (Access Grid) Sem 1 2013

Math2320 Linear Algebra Sem 2 2011
Math3120 Abstract Algebra Sem 1 2011
Math1210 Mathematical Discovery 1 Sem 1 2011

AMSI summer school, Adelaide, 2011
Geometric, combinatorial, asymptotic and statistical group theory

University of Queensland
Honours reading course on computation and complexity Sem 1 2010, Sem 2 2010
Math3306 Set Theory and Logic Sem 2 2008, Sem 2 2010
Math3303 Abstract Algebra and Number Theory Sem 1 2010
Math1061 Discrete Mathematics Sem 2 2009
Math 1051 Calculus and Linear Algebra, Sem

Stevens Institute of Technology
Math605 Abstract Algebra Spring 2007
Math552 Linear Algebra Fall 2007
Math441 Real Analysis Fall 2007
Math282 Honors Mathematical Analysis Fall 2006

University of Wollongong
Math222 Number Theory Sem 1 2006
Math141 Linear Algebra Sem 1 2006
Math121 Discrete Mathematics Sem 1 2006

University of St Andrews
Cs3201 Machines and Computation Martinmas 2004 (cotaught with Colva Roney-Dougal)

Tufts University
Math22 Discrete Mathematics Spring 2003, Fall 2003
Math13 Multivariate Calculus Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003
Math11 Single variable Calculus Summer 2003
Math5 Business Calculus Fall 2002

Texas A&M University
Linear Algebra Spring 2002
Discrete Mathematics Spring 2001, Fall 2001
Business Mathematics Fall 2000