This version is for Blender 2.80
it is incomplete and VERY BETA

But in case you just couldn't wait any longer ... that's something to appease the pain :)

For unknown reasons  Blender wont start remotely under the orders of mcjTeleBlender4
so, press the "Export/open current frame" button
watch the scene export go by
navigate to the folder where you said the .obj file gets exported to
for example c:\myscenesforblender\myscene.obj
you will find a file named myscene.bat
double-left-click on that batch file
this will start blender, which will load the myscene.obj which will then run the script 
which will import lights and cameras and adjust some material settings that the obj/mtl file lack

strong suggestion:
click TeleBlender's "Restore Defaults" button
then make sure the path to blender.exe is correct
then make sure the .obj/.mtl export folder is correct
this will give you the same settings i used for my tests

my tests were all performed with the following settings

once you're in Blender you can change the renderer to cycles CPU or EEVEE and all seems okay

July 27 v1 mcjTeleBlender and mcjBlendBot
August 2 v2 mcjTeleBlender and mcjBlendBot

August 6th 2019 11:26 PM
the new version of mcjBlendBot is
the new version of teleblender is mcjTeleBlender4Beta08062019.dsa

August 7th 2019 10:34 AM
the new version of teleblender is still mcjTeleBlender4Beta08062019.dsa

( black emissive iRay materials were wrongly emissive )

Thursday August 8th 2019
the new beta script is 
the new pack of blender python scripts is

Monday August 12th 2019 00h48 Release

The latest BlenderBot for Blender 2.8 : MCJBLENDBOTFORBLENDER28BETA124508122019.ZIP

The Latest mcjTeleBlender 4 Beta for Blender 2.8 MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA124708122019.DSA

new : Better Car Paints, Wax, Jade, Colored Wax, Velvet and Silk

Tuesday August 13th 2019 16:00 Release

The latest BlenderBot for Blender 2.8 : MCJBLENDBOTFORBLENDER28BETA0357PM08132019.ZIP

The Latest mcjTeleBlender 4 Beta for Blender 2.8 MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA160008132019.DSA

new : reduced Bump strength looks less scary in Eevee

BUT NOTE : The Water shader used on the eyes of genesis 8 look ok in Cycles but No-Good in Eevee, so you should replace them with uber Base and make use opacity/cutout

Wednesday August 14th 2019 11:41PM Release

The Script now detects the glass-type of materials applied to eye surfaces and swaps them for 0% opacity mats

the Dont-collect-maps option now works 

The removal of the leading front slash is not optional, and happens when the collect maps option is on
meaning, Daz Studio writes in .mtl files something like 
map_Kd /Maps/ARTDZGums.jpg
and blender would hate that
so the mcjTeleBlender Script changes it to map_Kd Maps/ARTDZGums.jpg

The new script is MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA233108142019.dsa
the new blender python script pack is now mcjBlendBotForBlender28Beta233108142019

Friday August 16th 2019 0407PM Release

This version has a working Animation Export feature

The new script is MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA0333PM08162019.DSA

Sunday August 18th 2019 5:40PM
fixed issue with some Normal map properties which are DzImageProperty 
MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA0540PM08182019.DSA is today's version

Sunday August 25th 2019 3:25AM is the new kit of blender python scripts with FBX features
MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA0928PM08242019.DSA is the new mcjTeleBlender 4 Beta script with FBX features

YouTube Video

Saturday August 31st 2019 12:31PM is the new kit of blender python scripts with FBX features

MCJTELEBLENDER4BETA1058AM08312019.DSA is the new mcjTeleBlender 4 Beta script with FBX features

mCasual Jacques,
Aug 31, 2019, 9:33 AM
mCasual Jacques,
Aug 31, 2019, 9:30 AM