Autolimb tutorial genesis pushups

Understanding autolimb

Example, you select a figure's left foot and you start Autolimb

since only one node is selected, autolimb creates a null node at the position of the left foot

this null node will be called the target

the left foot is deemed "the targeter"

Autolimb measures the distance between the left Thigh joint and the target

Faster than the eye can see, Autolimb bends and unbends the left Shin joint until the distance between the thigh joint and the foot joint matches that distance

if the target is too far from the thigh joint, Autolimb wont be able to find a knee angle that satisfies the goal

if the knee limits are set to -10 to 165 degrees, then two bend angles may satisfy the leg-length requirement
for example -5 degrees and 5 degrees, this must situation must be avoided, so set the limits to 0 to 165 degrees
if the knee or elbow bend limits are -165 to 10 degrees, set them to -165 to 0 degrees
then Autolimb twists and turns the thigh joint so that the line from the thigh joint and the foot joint points (and reaches) the target

if the limits on the thigh joint(s) dont allow this rotation the target wont be met

so it's better to set Limits Off on the thigh and shldr joints

Setting the Pose at frames 0 and 30

important points:

- elbow and knee bend limits were adjusted to range between 0 to 155 or -155 to 0
- the knees and elbows were left slightly bent ( to facilitate leg and arm length computes )
- limits were turned off on shldr and thigh joints
- limits on the wrist, feet and toes were set to off
- i do a Memorize-Figure-Pose at frame 0
- i do a Restore-figure-Pose at frame 0
- i do a Restore Figure Pose at frame 30

Setting the pose at frame 15

at frame 15, we xRotate the hip joint at 90 degrees ( horizontal body )
we lower the hips until the toes touch the ground
we do a Memorize Figure Pose
we do a Restore Figure Pose

Lets dance the Autolimb

at frame 0 we select the right foot

we start AutoLimb

we specify we want to process the whole PlayRange

we press the [Do It] button

we repeat this for the left foot and for the hands

if all go well the positions of the hand and feet joints are fixed for the whole duration of the playrange

if it didn't go well it probably means AutoLimb could not find a knee/elbow bend angle to meet your targets

you may need to adjust the pose where the knees/elbows are the most extended and give them a little bend angle

but the orientations of the hands and feet are not stable, we will fix that with mcjKeepOrientation

fixed orientations for ankles and wrists using mcjKeepOrient

important point: the Limits on the Hands and Feet and toes were set to Off

else mcjKeepOrient wont be allowed to set the extreme bend angles required

go at frame 0
select a foot
start mcjKeepOrient
specify you want to process the whole playrange
press the [Go] button
repeat for the other foot and hands