Creating Poser/Studio compatible shoes for Aiko3 using free tools

by mCasual/Jacques

notice: i am in not an employee of Poser nor Daz Studio which are both trademarked names

A copy of this tutorial (web page) and associated images can be found in the attachments section at the bottom o f this page.

Load the AikoLE figure in Daz Studio ( DS )

In the parameters tab, do a Zero/Zero Figure pose


In the Scene Tab, make Aiko invisible ( root node ) then make the Toes, Feet, Shins and Thighs visible

 Do a File / Export / Wavefront Object (*.obj )

and export this as aiko3LELegs.obj using these export options

In Blender

import aiko3LELegs.obj

The model we produce must be partitioned the same way Aiko's legs are partitioned ( also called groups ) 

create your shoes

notice that it's the bending of Aiko's toes that will create the bending of the boots toes

select the right boot, go in edit mode, select the faces that should be owned by the rShin group, 

use the Mesh/Vertices/Separate/Selection operation to extract it

repeat for rFoot, rToe, lShin, lFoot, lToe

Rename each mesh with the exact same names used in Aiko's mesh

Select the 6 meshes and do a File / Export / Wavefront(.obj)

make sure the "objects as Obj Groups" checkbox is check-marked

save this obj in Daz Studio or Poser's runtime folder

on many PCs the runtime folder is C:\program files\daz\studio\content

specifically, save it in Runtime\Geometries\Yourname\testBoots.obj

save your blender scene 

using a text editor like Wordpad, correct the names of the groups ( g )

in this case do a Find and Replace [Mesh.o21_rToe] by [rToe]

Find and Replace [Mesh.o17_rShin] by [rShin]

etc... for the 6 groups

Using Morph Manager 4 by Paul "Mr. X" Mason

open Aiko3LE's CR2 file, usually found in C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\Runtime\libraries\Character\DAZ Aiko 3

or any other Aiko Cr2, the smaller file the better, namely the Aiko Blank figure

use Morph manager to delete all the Morph targets

save this file in Daz Studio's content folder under Runtime/Libraries/Characters/Yourname/testBoots.cr2

open testBoots.cr2 using Wordpad 


CR2 Editor 1.51 by John Stallings ( )

search for the string figureResFile

and replace those 2 lines with

figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:YourName:testBoots.obj

oops i just noticed ... in MorphManager, there's a button to do this



and it's done

you can open the testBoots figure from your content/Figures/YourName librairy

Fixing problems with the High Heels

Since the Aiko figure does not include heels, the rigging needs to be adjusted

for instance, using Aiko's rig, the heel would bend when Aiko's toes bend

we fix this by changing the Exclusion zone of the rToe and the lToe joints

open testBoots.cr2 using CR2 Editor 1.51 by John Stallings ( )

go into the second "actor rToe" section

go in the jointX jointx section

double-left-click on the "angles" item to enter edit mode

change the first angle from -26 to -67 (degrees)

this works for 5 inch heels, a value of -80 would allow longer heels

note: these settings seem to work well with high heels

angles -67.5 -158.0 -192.0 49.5

The other problem with Aiko's rig is that the falloff zone does not encompass the heel

so we need to make the zone taller


still in the CR2 editor

go down to the 2nd occurrence of rFoot

go in the channels section

go in the jointX jointx section

under "SphereMatsRaw"

change the 2nd line that reads 

0 0.0166003 0 0


0 0.05 0 0

the inner falloff zone was 1.66% tall, it's now 5% tall

repeat for the other foot


mCasual Jacques,
Aug 2, 2012, 8:25 PM