Tiling surface textures is possible under Daz Studio 1 and 2, as long as you use  Software renders and the proper shader


The zip package is found at the bottom of this page

unzip it in your daz studio folder, typically C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\

once installed, it will appear in your content library, under Studio / Shaders / mcjGlossy

Note: usually we unzip the zips into the content folder, but this time it's the Studio folder

note: the following files are installed
  • scripts\support\DAZ\shaderDefinitions\surface\mcjglossyDef.ds
  • scripts\support\DAZ\shaderDefinitions\surface\mcjdefaultglossySurf.ds
  • scripts\support\DAZ\shaderDefinitions\displacement\mcjdisplaceSurf.ds
  • content\shaders\mcjGlossy.ds
  • content\shaders\mcjGlossy.ds.png
  • shaders\mcjglossy.sdl
  • shaders\ ( the source! )
  • shaders\mcjdisplace.sdl
  • shaders\ ( the source! )
we count of the presence of the default Daz Studio shaders on your computer
  • scripts/support/DAZ/rendertime/surface/dzDefaultAttribs.ds" );
  • scripts/support/DAZ/shaderDefinitions/surface/dzdefaultshadowSurf.ds" );
  • scripts/support/DAZ/rendertime/surface/dzDefaultShadowAttribs.ds" );
  • scripts/support/DAZ/rendertime/displacement/dzDefaultDisplaceAttribs.ds" );
  • shaders/dzdefaultshadow.sdl
if those files are not present on your computer

you can download them from the attachments section  - see below

beware that installing this on Daz Studio 3 or 4 may break your shaders !
so they should probably/possibly/maybe only be used by DS 1 and 2


Select the object to be shaded

Select the surface(s) to be shaded

double-left-click on the mcjGlossy shader icon


go in the surfaces tab

if all went well, the surface shader will be headlined "mcj Glossy Plastic

and there will be a "Tiling" section with 4 sliders that let you control texture placement and tiling.

Note that the 3d viewport will not show the surfaces as tiled,

but the Software renders will !

The new version ( as of july 2 2012 )

has separate Tiling Controls for the Bump/Displacement maps

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