High-heeled platform sandals for Aiko3

To avoid issues related to the heels, this is a prop,  not a poser figure

but eventually i may make a real figure out of it.


july 26 1:30am release


unzip the zip file found at the bottom of this web page in your Daz Studio content folder,

typically that's c:\program files\daz\studio\content

once installed, the props appear in the content/props/mcasual folder

to be specific, this is a zipped runtime folder

the pose file, can be found in content/poses/mcasual



Load Aiko,

turn off the limits of Aiko's legs, feet and toes;

Apply the pose which was included in the installation package

and can now be found in in your library under content/poses/mcasual/

named poseA3LaceShoes

Aiko should now be in the correct pose

load the shoes

parent each shoe to the corresponding foot

this can be done in the Scene Tab, by drag-and-tropping the left shoe on the left foot

then the right shoe on the right foot.

And that's it

mCasual Jacques,
Jul 25, 2012, 10:40 PM