Apparently Carrara cant ( can it? ) import poses as easily as Poser

For people familiar with Daz Studio here's a way to get mcjAudioMation's animation data in Carrara

A few steps

start audio mation

load the .wav audio

Save / Pose

Specify you want a pose-animation for a prop named "cube" and you want the
animation to be on the "translateX" channel ( you could also set it to a rotate channel )

for the loudest sounds, the cube will probably move by 1 Poser unit, which is 8ft

In daz Studio, create a cube named cube

create a camera and parent it to the cube

select the cube, import the PZ2 from mcjAudioMation

select the camera

use my script mcjExportCameraToPZ3.dsa to export this animated camera as a pz3 scene-file

import the pz3 scene-file in Carrara

you could now attach primitives to this camera