mcjAiko3Sandals + Walk !


High-heeled platform sandals for Aiko3

each shoe is only 1800 polygons,

initially i made it to speed up a scene rendered by Blender-Cycles, since other shoes i had were around 30000 polygons

To avoid issues related to the heels, this is a prop,  not a poser figure

3 morphs are included to adjust for cases where Aiko bends her ankle


june 1st 2012 6:49pm    added a poser version of the walk
May 31, 2012 9:19 AN    fixed the walk animation which had an error at frame 30
May 30, 2012 7:53 AM    posted


unzip the zip file found at the bottom of this web page in your Daz Studio content folder,

typically that's c:\program files\daz\studio\content

once installed, the props appear in the content/props/mcasual folder

to be specific, this is a zipped runtime folder

the 2 pose files, can be found in content/poses/mcasual

also a version of the walk for Poser since the first version

somehow loses the root node's animation when imported by Poser 7



Load Aiko,

make sure the root, hip and legs nodes are not locked ( shift U )

turn off the limits of Aiko's feet and toes;

Apply the pose which was included in the installation package

and can now be found in in your library under content/poses/mcasual/poseForMcjAiko3Sandals.pz2

Aiko should now be in this pose

load the shoes

parent each shoe to the corresponding foot

this can be done in the Scene Tab, by drag-and-tropping the left shoe on the left foot

then the right shoe on the right foot.

And that's it

Tweak morphs

If you intend to rotate Aiko's feet, you will probably need to create/add d-forms

but, i provide 3 built in the shoes

bend twist-inside and twist-outside

they should work for small changes in the feet positions.

Walk this way

also included, a straight walk, which took me hous and hours to created

each walk cycle is 30 frames

it can be found in content/poses/mcasual as mcjAikoHighHeelsWalkJune1.pz2

mCasual Jacques,
Jun 1, 2012, 3:48 PM