important Note : I added a safety feature preventing the creation of morphs 
on subdivided surfaces,  because it could render a scene file un-loadable !!!!


You will find the zip package in the attachments section at the bottom of this page.

it's a zipped Scripts folder, unzip it in your Daz Studio content folder

typically, this means c:\program files\daz\studio\content.

Once this is done, the script will appear in the Studio / Scripts / mCasual folder


Feb 24, 2019, 9:24 PM version 3 - added Help and web-help , added safety feature preventing the creation of morphs on subdivided surfaces, 
because it could render a scene file un-loadable !!!!


Select an object or many in the scene using your mouse's left button and your keyboard's Ctrl key

launch mcjBend

A plane with a curve drawn on it will appear above, in front or on the side of your selected objects

This will be called the "mcjBend Gizmo" from now on

By default the selected "Viewpoint / Quadrant" is "Top / Right"

This means we will be bending the objects as seen from the top. the "horns" of the bent curve will point right

here are the other "Viewpoint / Quadrant options


You can then use the 3 sliders to adjust the shape of the bend curve.

Here are a few sample settings


You can then press the "Create bend morph button"

a few seconds later the objects will appear bent

This is the result of applying the newly created morph

Note that the morph channel corresponds to the current frame number


so you could create more than one bend morphs

You will want to zero the other bend-morphs before creating new ones.

Two buttons are included for this purpose"Zero all bend morphs" and "Zero other bend morphs"

Recycling a D-Form field

As you saw previously, the bend morph was applied to the entire surface of the object.

This makes it difficult to use for figures.

But mcjBend has the ability to re-use a d-Form field.

Select one or many body parts, use Studio's "Create" / "D-Form" menu

for further control on the D-Form. do a "View" / "Tabs" / "D-Form"

then drag and drop this panel in the area where your Scene panel is located.

by selecting other body parts and using the d-form tab you can add those body parts to the d-form

mcjBend does take the d-form's spline in consideration, so you may want to adjust it.

Here is a simple example. i loaded a skirt ( it's all in 1 piece ),

i selected it and created a d-form. i moved and scaled the D-Form Field
XScale 1000%, YScale 100% ZScale 50%

The red dots indicate points of the dress that will be heavily deformed while the yellow ones are less influenced.
Points outside the d-form field wont be affected at all.

very important : i make sure the D-Form field is selected

i launch mcjBend

as my Viewpoint i select "from the side"

and as the quadrant in which the bending will occur i select "Front"

by setting "High Bound" to its maximum of 1 , i obtain the lower part of the curve

( i know i know it should be the upper )

by setting the "Low Bound" to 0, i obtain the flat line in the upper part of the curve,

so mcjBend wont even try to bend that part of the skirt

sometimes at this point, you'll exit mcjBend, move the gizmo ( the panel with the curve )

make sure you are at the proper frame in Daz Studio's timeline

because the morph will be named according to this frame number

then, remember to select the D-Form, and launch mcjBend

Click on the "Create Bend Morph" Button

a progress-bar will be displayed

note that since we only process points in the d-Form field, this can be quite fast

and here's our brand new morph !

another view

in this case it's better to move the gizmo/curve forth to reduce fabric shrinkage.

here's the re-built morph

mCasual Jacques,
Feb 24, 2019, 6:24 PM