Sessions for Business and Corporate Audiences

Each of the below listed programs can be presented in person or online. Any session can be customized to fit your group and time frame. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Email

Creativity for Business: Harnessing the Power of "What If?" (1-2 hours)

Is your business feeling stagnant? Looking for ways to add value without adding a lot of cost? This interactive session will help you find ways to offer services to your clients without bankrupting your company budget. Bring your questions and we’ll find answers by using a simple “What If…?” formula you can take back to the office and apply for minimal cost. (Note: A questionnaire of your company needs-see below-must be completed and submitted at least two weeks in advance of the session for the most benefit to be realized.)

Writing and Speaking for Business Building (1-2 hours)

Establish yourself as the expert in your field with useful articles and presentations to attract new clients. With little cost, you may be able to increase your company’s visibility to the public as the local resource. In this workshop, we’ll examine ways you can display your expertise in print and in person. You needn’t be a Faulkner or a Hemingway to garner new business through your writing and speaking.

Business Communications for Success (1-2 hours)

Accurate, clear and complete communication can be the difference between success and failure for your projects. This session looks at ways to improve communications both within your company and with clients. Don’t let a misunderstanding, misplaced punctuation mark or unasked question torpedo your work.

Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring (1-2 hours)

Not every marketing strategy costs a fortune. As a business person, you can make an impact of large proportions for a small investment. In this workshop, we’ll look at ways to market your business, your product, your service for a minimal investment. Bring an open mind and get ready to market your business on a shoestring instead of a fortune.

Tips for Learning New or Upgraded Software (1-2 hours)

Software products come and go. Upgrades change the look of the interface. In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques for learning the new product in minimal time. Invest a little time in familiarizing yourself with the product and you’ll spend less time floundering later. Bring your own laptop or tablet, if you’d like tips on a specific product. (Note: Only certified Microsoft instructors can teach Microsoft products. This class focuses on how to learn any new software, rather than teaching a specific one.)

Storytelling as a Sales Tool (1-2 hours)

Every story holds the possibility of a sale, whether the item sold is a product or a service. Learn more about this historic oral tradition and its modern application for sales. In a one-hour workshop, attendees will learn to apply storytelling techniques both to enhance sales presentations.

Custom Sessions

Custom sessions are available. Whether you need a keynote address for a business event or specialized training, Mary Beth can put her decades of experience to work for you and your business. Email your topic and desired outcomes to for a quote.