Cypress Point Inspirations

Many of the businesses, places and people of Cypress Point, MS grew from the inspiration of real ones. For example, the (LOL)4 ladies are modeled after real life ladies I know or have known. I've combined my favorite features of many women I've encountered, not all of them from the South.

The Cypress Point Daylily Driving Tour of Death in the Daylilies took root from the Hattiesburg Daylily Driving Tour. Daylily enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes, just as the flowers themselves do.

Lumpkin Feed and Seed found its roots in the local garden and farm supply store I frequent, Longleaf Farm and Garden of Poplarville, MS. Great people who are always willing to share their knowledge, they are my go-to reference.

Melvin Gilly of Gilly & Sons Funeral Home is based on a local funeral director who has shown extraordinary kindness to families in the midst of loss. White Funeral Home in Poplarville, MS offers a fine example of everything such a facility should deliver, starting with caring hearts.

Deb's Pizza in Poplarville, MS provided the spice for Franconi's Pizza and Deli. You haven't tasted the finest pizza in Pearl River County until you've tasted Deb's.

Check back...I'll be adding more background secrets about Cypress Point over time. Do you have a favorite place or person you'd like identified? Email me!