Sessions for Writers and Writing Groups

Creativity - Harness the Power of "What If...?" (2-3 hours)

When you hit the wall with your writing, call on the power of "What If...?" to kick start the process. In this workshop, you'll learn simple ways to spark your ideas. The workbook used offers lasting tools for getting your current program back on track or your new project started.

Storytelling for Writers (1-3 hours)

The ancient art of storytelling precedes the written word by centuries. The same skills employed by oral storytellers can help writers improve their works, adding depth, color and emotion. Attendees will learn tools for transferring the strengths of oral storytelling into their written works, as well as how the parts of a story work together in both mediums. The course includes a discussion of story arc and characterization.

Why Writers Need Reviewers: The Reviewer is My Friend (1 hour)

Reviews can help or hurt an author. This workshop includes tips for choosing a reviewer, what to expect from a reviewer and ways to use reviews in marketing your work. Avoid the pitfalls and climb higher with appropriate reviews.

Your Memoirs Matter (aka Getting Started on Your Memoirs) (1-1.5 hours)

Every human being can offer a unique perspective on history by producing a record of memories. In a workshop setting, attendees will learn to prime the pump of memory, organize their thoughts, choose a focus and move forward toward the finished product. Whether you want to create a family history for loved ones or a book for commercial sale, you'll find your memoirs matter.

Marketing Your Book on a Budget (1-2 hours)

Today's authors must be prepared to market their works themselves, no matter how they publish. The days of "let someone else do it" are gone. This workshop focuses on building a platform and creating a marketing strategy without spending a fortune.

Gear Up for Holiday Marketing (1-2 hours)

Are you ready for marketing your work through the holiday season, any holiday season? Let's look at ways we can work with the holiday seasons to market our books to the best effect. You'll learn ideas for book selling events and venues, promotions to help draw attention and ways to decorate your book selling space for the seasons.

Bring Nature to Life in Your Writing (2-3 hours)

When writers use nature as part of the story, they add a deeper dimension of heart and meaning to the work. Yet nature is more than listing the flora and fauna around the scene. Whether you write poetry, fiction or nonfiction, you’ll find many opportunities to incorporate the beauty and drama of nature into your work. Bring nature (and your writing) to life with a few simple techniques. Author and trainer Mary Beth Magee shares tips and exercises to help you find your voice in nature. You’ll perk up your writing and perhaps find a whole new topic to cover when you attend this workshop.

Also available as a one-hour presentation without workshop aspects.

Nurturing Creativity for All Ages (1-2 hours)

We're all born with creativity. How can we nurture it in ourselves to benefit our writing? In a workshop setting, you'll learn tips to encourage the innate creativity we possess and engage the senses to enhance the process. The session includes reference materials and tools to aid your quest.

Why Isn't Amazon Marketing My Book? (and What Can I Do About It?) (1-2 hours)

Many beginning authors feel let down when they don't see their book soar to a bestselling spot on Amazon. The truth is, Amazon sells a lot more than just your book. If you want marketing attention and resulting sales on Amazon, you must do your part. In this session, you'll learn ways to improve your position on Amazon and maximize your marketability there. And, of course, publishing a great book helps!

Kindle's New Role in Self-Publishing (1.5 to 3 hours)

With the absorption of CreateSpace, Kindle has grown into a new role in self-publishing. The site offers new tools and options for writers. How can you decide which tool to use? We'll look at the differences between and similarities within the products and which work best for which type of publishing. The extended session includes distribution options and promotional tools available.

The Family Drama (1.5 hours)

The oldest dramas in the world stem from family issues and today, the family continues to provide fodder for authors. Learn ways to look at family members as potential players in your story, whether the main storyline or a secondary plot within your work. From Cain and Abel to the Kardassians, you can use family relationships and dysfunctions to add depth to your writing.

Custom Sessions

Custom sessions are available. Whether you need a keynote address for a conference or specialized training, Mary Beth can put her decades of experience to work for you and your group. Email your topic and desired outcomes to for a quote.