Sessions for Faith-Based Groups

Each of the below listed programs can be presented in person or online. Any session can be customized to fit your group and time frame. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Email

Overcome Fear of Witnessing (1-2 hours)

As Christians, we are called to witness to the difference Christ has made in our lives. The idea of speaking on faith topics strikes fear into many. As the angels say, Fear Not. This workshop will give you simple steps to help you share your faith without fear, a living testimony to God's goodness. we'll examine the differences between witnessing and preaching, help each attendee to create an outline of testimony and discuss ways to strengthen confidence.

How Does Your Garden Grow? (2-6 hours)

Our spiritual lives parallel the growth of a garden, with a variety of blossoms and weeds, and impacts of seasonal changes. Learn to identify your spiritual "flower" type in this interactive retreat program. You'll learn tips to help your faith flourish as you nourish your spiritual garden. Includes break-out sessions at longer lengths.

Caregivers Need Care Given, Too (1-2 hours)

When life puts you in the position of caregiver, you must remember to take care of yourself at the same time. Based on my own experiences in the role of caregiver, this workshop looks at ways to find meaning in the experience and resources to assist you. You don't have to feel as though you walk the road alone.

The Promise Wreath (1-1/2 - 2 hours)

Bring your medium-sized crochet hooks (F, G, or H recommended) and come prepared to create a meaningful ornament as you study the promises of God. The Promise Wreath project utilizes the chain stitch, single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch. If you can execute those stitches, you're ready to go. All other materials will be supplied by the instructor, including a written version of the pattern so you can create more Promise Wreaths, a copy of the text describing it, and the list of Bible references used in the session.

Your Memoirs, Your Testimony (1/2-2 hours)

As a Christian, your memoirs take on an added dimension of importance. The story of your walk with God, your reliance on Him through struggles and the miracles He has performed in your life can inspire someone struggling with their own issues. Whether used as devotions, magazine articles or a full-length book, your memoirs can deliver your testimony in your absence. In this session you'll learn to identify appropriate moments for a memoir presentation and where to submit your work when you're done.

Playing with Fire (2-3 hours)

Are you engaging the Holy Spirit in your daily life? This Bible-based workshop will remind you of some of the inspired risk-takers who played with holy fire to glorify God, and share ways you can strengthen your own relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Custom Sessions

Custom sessions are available. Whether you need a keynote address for a conference, a topic for a retreat or specialized training, Mary Beth can put her decades of experience to work for you and your group. Email your topic and desired outcomes to for a quote.