Special order form

Would you like a signed copy of one or more of my books? Print out the order form below and fill it in. Email it back to me at Info@BOTRPress.com. No scanner? Then send me an email with all of the information from the form typed into the message.

Standard inscriptions include your choice of "Enjoy," or "Blessings," and my signature. Simply indicate which you'd prefer.

Custom inscriptions are limited to recipient's name, your message (up to 10 words) and my signature.

I'll bill you through PayPal, which provides a credit card option if you don't have an existing PayPal account. If you prefer to mail a check, please allow additional time for postal service.

Prices (which include inscription, tax and shipping):


Death in the Daylilies - $14.00 per copy

Ambush at the Arboretum - $22.00 per copy

Cypress Point Confidences - $11.00 per copy

A Cypress Point Christmas - $10.00 per copy

Cypress Point Spirit - $11.00 per copy


Devotions from the Road of Life (Volume 1): Hitting the Road - $11.00 per copy

Devotions from the Road of Life (Volume 2): Devotions for Caregivers - $9.00 per copy

Creativity: An Essential Tool in the Real World - $13.00 per copy

Jumpstart the Creativity in Your Writing - $17.00 per copy

Sixty Days to Greater Writing Creativity - $12.00 per copy

Writing Creativity Duo (Jumpstart the Creativity in Your Writing and Sixty Days to Greater Writing Creativity) - $27.00 per set


Songs of Childhood, Echoes of Years - $9.00 per copy

Life and All: The Journey - $14.00 per copy

Books for Children

Grandpa's Mustache - $10.00 per copy

Pearl's Pool - $9.00 per copy

Pearl's Pool and Pearl the Turtle plush animal - $21.00 per set (while supplies last)

Pearl the Turtle Makes a Friend - $13.00 per copy

Pearl the Turtle duo (Pearl's Pool and Pearl the Turtle Makes a Friend) - $20.00 per set

Some More Cows - $9.00 per copy

The Promise Wreath - $14.00 per copy

The Promise Wreath with wreath ornament - $16.00 per set

Storytime Crafts, Games and Gifts Using Recycled and Inexpensive Items - $13.00 per copy


Devotions from the Road of Life Caregiver's Medical Log and Journal - $10.00 per copy

Getting Started in Your Own Kitchen - $10.00 per copy

The Rose of Friendship - $10.00 per copy

Getting Started with Your Memoirs - $11.00 per copy

The Storyteller's Journal - $10.00 per copy

Thank you for your order!

If you already have one of or more of my books and would like a signed bookplate to put in it, email me with the book title, your desired inscription, and your mailing address. I'll send a complimentary autographed bookplate to you by snail mail. Thanks for reading!

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