Meet (LOL)4 - the Ladies at the Heart of The Cypress Point Chronicles

Meet (LOL)4, the ladies of Cypress Point--three not-so-spring chickens who have an interesting habit of finding themselves in the middle of murder. They consider themselves to be Little Old Ladies, Laughing Out Loud, Living Our Lives with Lots of Love: (LOL)4. They pronounce it "LOL to the Fourth Power."

Hope Appleton has filled the hours since her husband died with gardening and spending time with her widowed friend Susannah. Can the arrival of her sister, Mercy McKay, help her back into life?

Susannah Bowles lost her own husband several years ago. She knows what Hope is going through and is willing to walk through it with her. The seasons in their gardens are metaphors for the seasons of life they are experiencing.

Mercy McKay has returned to Cypress Point after four decades of living in the Midwest. She's still hurting from her ex-husband's infidelities. She wants to comfort her sister and supplement her retirement through the sale of her crochet projects.

Three women who get through life with faith and love. Share their adventures through the (LOL)4 Mysteries, part of The Cypress Point Chronicles.