Who We Are

Malaysian Epilepsy Society (Persatuan Epilepsi Malaysia) aims to improve the quality of life of epileptic patients via group effort among the medical personnel, caregivers and the patients. 

Therefore the formation of this society is aimed to:- 
SUPPORT: to share experiences and challenges, related to epilepsy 
EDUCATE: to educate the public, related to the disease and treatment of epilepsy 
HOPE: to help persons with epilepsy through HOPE program 
REHABILITATE: to improve the welfare of people living with epilepsy

We are a group of people having or caring for epilepsy. Our group includes people with epilepsy, their family members, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and of course our precious volunteers. We meet regularly to share our experiences, learn new knowledge in epilepsy and more so to increase awareness of the public. I hope you may join us as a member or volunteer, working the best interest for people with epilepsy.

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Malaysian Society of Epilepsy (Persatuan Epilepsy Malaysia)

Dr. Lim Kheng Seang 
Email: kslimum@gmail.com 

Vice President 
Dr. Sherrini Ahmad 
Email: sherrini@gmail.com

Florence Yeoh Yin Ying 
Email: floyyy68@gmail.com 

Magrette Selvy Anthony 
Email: cynthiakim07@yahoo.com 

Committee Members 
Rosalind Chee Swee Lean 
Email: cheer0312@yahoo.com

Monica Wo Chen Mun
Email: moniwocm@gmail.com

Adeelah M Azmi 
Email: adeelazmi87@gmail.com 

Alvin Monteiro
Email: alvinmonteiro@gmail.com 

Karen Yong
Email: karenyongsh@yahoo.com 
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