September 2020

Sept. 1 - Beginner class online

Cut a Rug - Jo Thompson Szymanski and Rita Thompson

Cat Walk - unknown

Drinking Problem - Darren Bailey

Sept. 3 intemediate class online

Wintergreen - Maggie Gallagher

Sept. 8 beginner class online

Ride Em Cowboy - Kathy Gurdjian

Sweet Attraction Beginner - Fran Lineweaver

plus reviews of Cat Walk, Drinking Problem, and Keep it Simple

Sept. 10 intermediate class online

Keep Young - Maggie Gallagher

plus reviews of Wintergreen and Who's Up All Night?

Sept. 12 at Roby Park

Keep Young - Maggie Gallagher

Sept 15 beginner class online

Intoxicating - Rob Holley

Plus reviews of Drinking Problem, Sweet Attraction Beginner , Ride Em Cowboy , Graffiti Baby and Stroll Along Cha Cha

Sept 17 intermediate class online

Ooh Ahh - Sal Martinez

plus reviews of Keep Young, Wintergreen and I Can't Stand the Rain (to Have Fun Go Mad)

Sept. 22 beginner class online

A Night Like This AB - Kirston Cox and Sue Wellesley-Davies

Ooh Ahh - Sal Martinez

Sept. 24 intermediate class online

Baila Samba Conmigo- Ira Weisburd

plus lots of review!

Sept. 26 at Roby Park

A Night Like This AB - Kirston Cox and Sue Wellesley-Davies

Sept. 29 beginner class online

Stealing the Best - Rosie Multari