March-April 2011 dances taught

Post date: Mar 3, 2011 3:59:27 AM


Canadian Stroll - Bill Bader

Uh Huh - Jo & Rita Thompson

Dancing Yet? - Gytal

Stealing the Best - Rosie Multari

Stickin' Together - Denise Brault

Waltz Across Texas - Lois and John Neilson

Dangerous - Dan & Jill Merlo


Forget Chu - Amy Christian-Sohn

Waka Waka – Roy Hoeben

Cooley's Reel - Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs


Hollywood - Craig Bennett

I Run To You – Rachel McEnaney

Perfect - Guyton Mundy

Burlesque - Norm Gifford

I'm No Good – Rachael McEnaney

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