Special request workshops, July 2 and 9

Post date: Jul 21, 2009 1:33:26 AM

Taught in my July 2 workshop:

Surly Boogie - Bobby Horn

My Maria - Mike Camara and Dan Albro

TGIF - Jo Thompson and Michele Perron

Chill Factor - Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead

Poker Face - Craig Bennett

Taught in my July 9 workshop:

Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano and Kenneth Engel

Tailgate - Dan Albro

All Summer Long - Paula Baker

Show Me Wot U Got - Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris

Say Hey - Teresa Lawrence and Vera Fisher

Insomnia - Shaz Walton (graciously taught by Denise Brault--Thank you, Denise!)