May-June 2011 session

Post date: May 5, 2011 3:15:07 AM


Billy Jean - unknown (attached)

This Life - Rosie Multari (attached)

Stargazing - Barbara Lowe (search for step sheet)

Victory Shout! - Jo Thompson

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - Ed Royko

Blindsided - Helen Walker

Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi

Cruisin' - Neil Hale


Eeny Meny Miny Mo - Lynne Martino

Something in the Water - Niels Poulsen


Rabiosa - Pim Van Grootel

1-2-3-4 - Niels Poulsen

Partytime - Helen Walker

Hot Potato - John Robinson

Note: is down at the moment...I hope they still link up right. In the meantime, visit and search for the dance by name and choreographer for step sheets. I would link them but the links shift all the time there.