Summer session 2011

Post date: Jun 23, 2011 1:59:31 AM


Bar Stools - Ken and Bunny Fargo

Cowboy Charleston - Jeanette Hall and Tonya Miller

Billy Jean - unknown ultra beginner dance

Ride Em' Cowboy - Kathy Gurdjian

Crossover - Scott Lanius

Baby Tonight - Robbie McGowen Hickie

CC Shuffle - unknown

Switchin' Gears - Michelle Jackson

Copperhead Rose - unknown

Juke Box Shot - Lydia Stephenson

Cue the Rain - Denise Brault

Some Beach - Helen Born and Nita Lindley

Uh Huh - Jo & Rita Thompson

Let's Chill - Vivienne Scott

Cowboy Charleston - Jeannette Hall and Tonya Miller

Redneck Angel - Cheri Litzenburg and Renae Filiou

Cut A Rug – Jo and Rita Thompson

Earthquake - Frank M. Beal



Crazy Legs - Greg Underwood

Don't Feel Like Dancing - Patricia E. Stott

Dig It - Gary Lafferty

Try Try Try - Bracken Ellis Potter

Hello Dolly - Lorraine Kurtela

A Little Higher - Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs

Get Up Dance - Maggie Gallagher

Moves Like Jagger – Bracken Ellis Potter (see for best step sheet)


Note: is down at the moment. In the meantime, visit and search for the dance by name and choreographer for step sheets. I would link them but the links shift all the time there.