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Here's a free line dance lesson for you! Having A Good Time by Kathy Brown, taught at the Country Bone in Raynham, Mass., on July 5.


Line Dancing and Zumba Gold with Ginger

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Welcome to the Line Dance Max/New England Line Dancers web site.
I want the world to love line dancing like I do! Let me teach you the basics or show you some cool new dances. Get details from this site or reach me at

Aug. 13 - This is the fourth week of the Zumba summer class already! The session runs through Monday, Sept. 18, with Labor Day Monday being a holiday. 

The next session will start the following week and run from Monday, Sept. 25, through Friday, Sept. 17. I will take a guess and say that signups will probably happen sometime in the next two weeks. I'll let you know when I get word. 

NOTE: Apparently the Elliot sent out their class listings without my class. They never notified me of anything, so I can only assume that the deadline for publication came and went while I was dithering about whether to cancel all the classes or not, so they left me out. Don't worry, I'm still going!

NOTE #2: The next session of Zumba Gold (Monday/Wednesday) will definitely continue at 10 a.m. BUT, I was wondering if having Toning (Fridays) would be better for you at 9:30 a.m.? I was thinking that might work better for me and for the participants. If you would be interested in that move, let me know, okay? 
 Sign up should be possible at  
Or call 663-7016. If that number doesn't work, try 663-4200.

Zumba Love, Ginger

⏺Line Dancing dates
Here are the dates I've got for 2017 at the old Bedford Town Hall. I didn't take any July or August dates since the hall gets too hot.

Sept. 2 and 23
Oct. 7, 21 and 28
Nov. 25
I couldn't get any December dates.

Start time is 7 p.m. with a beginner lesson, followed by an intermediate lesson and open dance/practice. $10. You know the drill.

The hall is off Route 101 in Bedford, NH, by the town library.

⏺I teach Zumba Gold classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at the Elliot Senior Center in Manchester (no age minimums!), as well as Zumba Gold Toning there on Fridays at 10 a.m. If you've fallen away from line dance and want something similar without having to remember patterns, it might just fit your needs. Or if you are looking for a nice complement to line dance, Zumba is wonderful. 

Come to the Elliot Senior Center, or call, or go online:

Call 663-7016 to sign up! If that number doesn't work, try 663-4200.


A few notes regarding safety, at the request of the Elliot Senior Center:

1. Use a water bottle that won't easily spill. I have to own up and admit I knocked someone's cup over, then we had another spill. So, no open cups or Dunkin' cups, because the lids come off too easily. Get yourself an adult sippy cup! But DO bring water! 

2. EAT before class! At least have a yogurt or a cup of juice or something so your body has some energy to burn. You know we are working hard in class, and we've had a few people feel a bit faint. I know not everyone likes to eat breakfast, but your body needs some calories to burn! I can't have anyone passing out in class, it makes me look bad!  

At the Elliot Senior Center, Manchester: 

Zumba Gold - Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-9:45 AM and 10-10:45 AM

Zumba Gold TONING - Fridays, 9-9:45AM  

Session dates are as follows:   

May 22 to July 5 (6 weeks)

July 24 to Sept. 18 (8 weeks)

Sept. 25 to Nov. 17 (8 weeks)

Nov. 27 to Dec. 22 (4 weeks)

Cost for the twice-a week classes is $80 for eight weeks, just $5 per class!

Cost for Toning is $40 for eight weeks.

Stay fit with me by signing up at  

Or call 663-7016 to sign up! If that number doesn't work, try 663-4200.

You do NOT need to be a member of the Elliot Senior Center or 55+ to take my classes -- they are open to ALL!

Toning sticks are recommended, but not required for the toning class. Standard hand weights are NOT allowed. I can get sticks for $20 - $30 per pair, which you can also get online at or Amazon.    


Here's a look at my old Bedford Zumba Gold class:

Zumba Gold - Happy