Line Dancing and Zumba Gold with Ginger Kozlowski

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Ginger Kozlowski teaches in Bedford , NH.

Reach me at

I am a licensed Zumba instructor. See

Zumba Gold and line dance classes return Sept. 10!

Zumba Gold - Join the party! I lead a low-impact class perfect for anyone who wants to get fit while having fun! Gold classes are as intense - or not - as you want to make them, as I demonstrate the different levels of workout you can shoot for. I have been a licensed Zumba instructor for 8 years. The biggest differences between regular Zumba and Gold are that I call the steps out and that the moves are low-impact - great for anyone who is looking to get back into shape, or just wants a workout that's easy on the joints. Feel free to put your energy into it, too - we sparkle when we work hard!

Classes are $7 drop-in price - no commitment! Buy a 10-class pass for $50 (BIG DISCOUNT!) and save $20, good through Dec. 19. These passes will only be sold in September!

Class runs from Sept. 10 through Dec. 19, with some nights off.

Line dance - Interested in learning to dance? It's great for body, mind, soul, and friendships! I have been teaching line dancing for 20 years and know how to get beginners right into the groove and experienced line dancers into the latest choreography. Starting Sept. 10, brand new dancers are encouraged to come from 7-7:30 p.m on Tuesday nights for a half hour of absolute beginner dances that are done in dance halls and clubs around the area. From 7:30 to 8:30, we still keep it simple but begin to add in some of the steps that keep it interesting and practice what we've learned. Those who aren't brand new but want to warm up with the newbies are welcome to start at 7, and anyone new who wants to give the slightly more challenging dance lesson a try is more than welcome to stay! $7 per night for anyone on Tuesdays.

Runs from Sept. 10 through Dec. 17, with a few nights off.

On Thursday nights, line dancers step it up a bit in intermediate class. In this class, you will be expected to know basic line dance terminology and moves, as we take on easy intermediate to full intermediate-level line dances. We learn something new, review older dances, and practice each Thursday night from 7 to 9 p.m. $7 per class drop-in price.

Runs from Sept. 12 through Dec. 19 with a few nights off, including Sept. 19 off.

Line and partner dancers get to strut their stuff and practice what we've learned at Saturday night social dances. Get a line dance lesson or two and just have fun with what you've been learning on Sept. 14, Oct. 5 & 12, Nov. 16 & 30, Dec 7 & 21. Open to all, line dancers and couples, beginners and experienced, not just students! $10 per evening.

At all classes and socials, please bring your own water or other drinks and snacks, and dress appropriately. Aerobics shoes are ideal for Zumba and line dance. Boots are fine for line dancing, but most people wear sneakers. No sandals, flip flops, or open shoes like Crocs, please. Stay safe, stay cool, stay hydrated!

It's all at the old town hall in Bedford, NH.


My lessons and dances are at the old town hall in Bedford, NH, corner of Meetinghouse Road and Bedford Center Road, across from the Bedford Public Library. Please park behind the building in the BCTV parking lots. There are three terraced lots. Please do not park at the library.


TRAFFIC NOTE: The construction on Route 101 in Bedford is making it difficult on some people, especially with rush hour craziness. So, if you're coming in on 101 and make that left to stay on 101, you can avoid the construction by turning right onto Bedford Center Road just past the Bedford Village Inn. You'll come out at Meetinghouse Road right in front of the hall. That's the bright blue line below.

If you're coming from 293 or the Everett Turnpike, you could loop around to take 3 South (either purple line), and then make the right onto Meetinghouse Road (the red line). You have to be careful to take the first exit out of the little roundabout to stay on Meetinghouse. It's easy to think straight means the second exit, but that puts you on Gault Road. Keep going, cross Liberty Hill Road, and you'll come out at 101 where all the construction is, at a light. Just go straight, the hall is dead ahead on the right.

I hope that helps! I doubt you have to worry about all that going home. But be aware you can't make a left from Bedford Center Road onto 101 if you go back that way.

Below is Zumba Gold class on the upstairs floor at the old town hall in Bedford NH.