Line Dancing and Zumba Gold with Ginger Kozlowski

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Ginger Kozlowski teaches in Bedford , NH.

Reach me at

I am a licensed Zumba instructor. See

Classes on Zoom, dances in person!

I now have my 2021 dance schedule. I'm considering in-person classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights in Bedford, NH, but can't quite justify it yet with the pandemic. Soon, I hope!

SATURDAY NIGHT DANCES are back and so much fun! Still under pandemic restrictions, so only 15 people total, including me and my helpers and you dancers. Reserve your spot:

Upcoming dates are:

Feb. 27

March 20

April 3 and 17

May 1, 15, and 29

June 5 and 26

July and August - Usually the hall is too hot in the summer. I probably won't want to do anything those months. (If we ever get AC....)

Sept. 11 and 25

Oct. 2, 16, and 30

Nov. 20 and possibly 27

Dec. 4 and 18

PLEASE NOTE: I will open each month's reservations on Picktime two weeks before the first dance of that month. This will be in effect through the pandemic restrictions. First come, first served. Make your reservation here:

Line dance and Zumba Gold classes on Zoom continue!

Zumba Gold at 6 p.m., line dance at 7 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday nights. That's Eastern Time, USA.

Join the Zoom class at!

For the password, please email me at DO NOT WAIT UNTIL JUST BEFORE CLASS TO GET IT!

If it's the first time you've done Zoom, you may need to download and run an exe file, so say yes and run it.

I am still offering the line dance and Zumba Gold classes for free, but would appreciate donations from anyone who is motivated to do so. Suggested donation is $5 per class - still much less than what I had charged for in-person classes. You can send your donation to me through Paypal at or by Venmo at Thanks!

This is a great way to get some exercise, and not feel so isolated. Feel free to join one class or both! I run the two classes on a continuous feed, so the link is good no matter which you are interested in.

Please make sure your dance space is clear, you won't knock into pets, furniture, or other people, and that you are dancing in socks if you're on carpet. Have water nearby.

Please save the Zoom link, or bookmark the page when it's open. You can even do it before the class, you'll just see that it says the meeting hasn't started yet.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at