Kentucky Septic System Inspection? Is it really necessary?

I don't inspect septic systems. Don't want to. Won't. If I'm doing a Kentucky Home Inspection at a home where there is supposed to be a septic system the client get's the below verbally and in the report.
Kentucky Septic System Inspection Septic Truck
The house is reported to have a septic system. I don't know. Septic systems are excluded from the visual home inspection as the tank and drain field are buried and I don't possess the necessary equipment (pump truck) to properly empty the tank and inspect it. I recommend that you have the septic system fully inspected by a qualified septic system technician, to include emptying the tank.

For more information on septic systems on the internet see: 
Kentucky Home Inspection Septic System Inspection

I also recommend that you consult with the county health department to see what information they have on the septic system, as the health department regulates and oversees local septic systems.


Yesterday a buyer's agent called asking if I knew any septic system installers in the local area. I do. Gave the agent the name and asked why.

The agent said something along the lines of "Remember that property you inspected back in November for X & Y. I missed one little block on the seller's four page disclosure that said there wasn't a septic system. Today the buyer found the straight pipe (i.e., poop going down over the hill onto the ground). There was no septic system. I'll be turning this in to my Errors & Omissions (E & O) provider."

I looked at the listing detail from the local realtor association. (I keep a copy.) The listing agent had clearly stated that the sewer was a septic system. Guess the listing agent will be turning it in to their E & O provider also.

Talked with the buyer. He said the his agent had told him that because it seemed the septic system was working fine, he didn't really need to spend the $300.00 to follow my advice to get the septic system inspected.

Lot's of blame to go around for this one.

A septic system can cost around $10,000, if not  more, to install.

Glad to say:


A septic system inspection, B 4 U Close, would reveal the lack of a septic system!