Anti-Gravity Plumbing S Trap

Today just seems like a good day to share some of the plumbing foibles that I've ran across lately!

Berea Kentucky Home Inspector S Trap


And NOW, without further ado, I bring you

The Anti-Gravity "S" Trap!

My Smell Detector wasn't having to work hard on the day I walked into the Berea Kentucky Home Inspection with my client.

The purpose of the trap is to HOLD water to prevent sewer smells coming back up the drain pipe into the house.

That's right.  This "trap" isn't going to stop any smells.

Nowadays, a "P" trap is used, and has been for quite awhile.  You just know someone was smelling a lot of crap for a long time with this in the house.

For your elucidation (yes, sometimes I like to use those big words, but not in Kentucky home inspection reports)

here's a proper "P" trap and proper (though old and not used anymore) "S" trap configuration!  The bottom pictures show you why they're called what they are BUT they should NOT be installed vertical.


Lexington KY Home Inspector  Georgetown KY Home Inspector

P Trap

S Trap

 Frankfort KY Home Inspector  Winchester KY Home Inspector

P Trap (vertical for effect only)

S Trap (vertical for effect only)