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Poisonous Critters In The Crawl Space

've been fortunate that in all the crawl spaces in all the world (that I've been into I hadn't yet found any of those nasty poisonous critters that tend to inhabit those dark nether regions of a house.Black Widow Spider by Erby the Central Kentucky Home Inspector

Until TODAY that is.  Inspecting a brand new (one year, never been occupied) home in a subdivision north of Georgetown, Kentucky

Fortunately I saw her before she saw me.


Pretty as she was, there was still an audible "pop" as gloved hands sent her to Heaven.  Along with a short note in the buyer's report about treating the crawl space for spiders.

Worst I've ever ran into before (and still) was a snarling possum behind a piece of plywood in the dirt floored cellar of an older home during a Georgetown, KY Home Inspection.