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Haunted House or Carbon Monoxide

Is your house haunted or are you being poisoned by carbon monoxide?


More Stuff I didn't know I didn't know!! 

A while ago, I posted an article I'd written a while back titled

"Is it the Flu or Carbon Monoxide"

based on research I had done when I had time to do such things.

A few minutes ago, while flitting around one of the inspector message boards, I responded to a light hearted post about funny things said one of which was "paranormal home inspections.

Surprisingly, there are people who advertise as paranormal home inspectors and have written self published books on it.  Anyway that isn't what this blog is about.  Just some background on how I got inspired to write this blog.

From this website:  http://www.insightparanormal.org/index2.htm

Comes this interesting information.

"Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include listlessness, depression, dementia, emotional disturbances, and hallucinations. Many of the phenomena generally associated with haunted houses, including strange visions and sounds, feelings of dread, illness, and the sudden, apparently inexplicable death of all the occupants, can be attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning.Read more on the above website.

I thought, Huh!

But the ever present Google brings us these  search results when searching for "carbon monoxide and house hauntings"

After reviewing several of those Google search results, I think it is at least a possibility.

If you know someone living in a haunted house, help them out and make them aware of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It may just be a haunted house.

You may just save their life, if it's carbon monoxide poisoning.

A simple carbon monoxide detector can help with this.

Life Safety First.