Decks DO Collapse!

Why do home inspectors point out that decks are not properly secured, or flashed, to the house? 

Preventing potential tragedies is my answer.  Is your deck a tragedy waiting to happen?

Blowing up the photo below reveals that the deck was only nailed to the house and shows the rot that occurred from water getting between the deck rim joist and the house rim joist.  That rot allowed the nails to pull out of the house joist and the deck to collapse.  The gentleman died when the deck collapsed.

Georgetown Kentucky Home Inspector - Deck Collapse

For the full story, visit  Melrose man killed when deck collapses at the Boston Globe Website.

Most deck collapses occur when SEVERAL people are on the deck increasing the likelihood of serious injury or death.

Prevent sadness in your house.  Don't let your family and friends be a statistic.

Ensure the deck is positively anchored to the house and flashing is keeping water out from between the deck rim joist and the house rim joist.

Here's a drawing of one of the proper ways it's supposed to be done. 

Kentucky Home Inspector Deck Flashing

Of course, different jurisdictions allow different things.

How is YOUR deck attached to your house?