Black Bears on the Rise in Eastern Kentucky

How would you like to look out your window and see the new breed of bird drinking from your drinking fountain.  This is happening more and more in Eastern Kentucky as the bear population increases in that area.

Kentucky Home Inspectors Black Bears

Hunters are trying to get a "bear running season" (chasing the bears with dogs) started in the area.  This re-instills a sense of "fear of man" in the bears to keep them from becoming a nuisance

Kill seasons are already in place again in Virginia and West Virginia and a dog running season is allowed in Tennessee.

However, the Kentucky Wildlife Commission, in a recent meeting, decided to postpone any activity on establishing such a season until next year when the new research gives a better indication of the bear population.

Meanwhile, more and more people are finding bears in their yards (perhaps this is also a function of us putting our yards in the bear's territory).

The Kentucky Department of Forestry continues it's study of the Kentucky Black Bear population.

Soon, I imagine, the hunters will get their kill season as the population increases.

I don't often get to that area to do home inspections, but occasionally, I do.  Hope I don't see one in the yard while I'm there though I wouldn't mind seeing one in the wilderness I hike occasionally.