Grandkids - You Gotta Love Em!

My wife is a garage sale fanatic.  She's always dragging stuff home from garage sales.  This summer my youngest grandson has been going with her.  He's 4 and still needs some work (don't we all?) on his math skills.

She's been trying to teach him to always bargain on price.

Saturday they went garage saling (sp?) again.

He saw a toy gun, a "Moon Gun" that he wanted.

He asked the sellers "How much do you want for this gun?"

They replied "How about a dollar."

He turned to Grandma, just a couple of feet away, to tell her about it and get the dollar.

Grandma asked "Did you try to bargain them down?"

He put his hand over his mouth in a "Ooops!" type gesture and said "I forgot."

He then turned back to the sellers and said "Would you take a dollar fifty?"