Birds Of A Feather

Kentucky Home Inspectors bird flocks
I'm sitting out on my back deck, to avoid watching the humiliation of the University of Kentucky football team by the Florida Gators (21-0 in the first few minutes), and suddenly the sky is filled with birds, birds and more birds.

I've noticed, over the past few days, lots and lots of bird noises in the trees around the house as I was leaving for my morning home inspection.

I don't usually get to stick around long enough to actually see them leave the trees in the morning, but tonight I sure caught a great view of them returning to their temporary (I hope) roost.

It took me a couple of minutes to get inside and get the camera but the sky was still filled with birds when I returned.  Must have went on for about fifteen minutes.

Do you wonder how the individual birds, in such a large flock, manage to avoid colliding with each other.?  Wouldn't it be great if we could adapt that bird instinct to our car driving?

No, I don't have any idea what kind of birds they are.  Just silhouetted black, and completely filling the sky visible from my back deck.

Wish I could have figured out how to get the pheasants or grouse to do that when I was back in Nebraska bird hunting!  Or even just two or three turkeys when I'm Kentucky turkey hunting!  I guess it's not just my luck!