Radon Mitigation System Malfunctioning Video

                                     Kentucky Radon Mitigation System                                                       Kentucky Radon Mitigation System

If your Kentucky Radon Mitigation System sounds like a washing machine, it IS NOT running right. (video below)

The radon pipe should slope downhill all the way to the ground so that condensation and rain water will go back to the ground.  The company that put the radon mitigation system in this Lexington, KY home obviously doesn't understand the concept.  (No, I won't name names)  The trapped (lowered) area is now full of water.  The manometer shows NO airflow through the system.  This Kentucky radon Mitigation system, video below, is sucking water in the trapped area, not removing radon laden air from below the slab. 

The system is NOT removing any air from the ground under this home.

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Malfunctioning Kentucky Radon Mitigation System