It's Brand NEW. I Don't Need A Home Inspection!

I hear this from home buyers quite a bit.  I'll bet a lot of agents hear it too!  Do you have an answer for your buyer's. 

Are you increasing your liability by NOT recommending a private third party inspection of new homes.  What happens three years from now when your buyer is now your seller and the new buyer hires a quality third party home inspector.

Here's my answer: (the pages flip themselves or you can use the arrows to flip them.) (Click on the document to open it in a new window where it can be resized to be readable.)




Protect yourself.  Get educated with a quality third party home inspection.  No, not that guy that was doing computer work last week and now decided to be a home inspector after his layoff.  Get a quality education on your new home.

Make sure you attend the inspection.  Some things just don't communicate well in written form and you'll learn a lot more when you have the ability to stand in front of something and ask the home inspector questions about it.