Japanese food is a great adventure.  Overall it is of high quality with fresh seafood, vegetables, and fruit.  The typical Japanese meal differs from American in that it has small servings of a variety of foods.  Let go of your conceptions about what is eaten during breakfast.  You will find that a traditional breakfast will include miso soup, vegetables, maybe an egg, and frequently some type of fish, and pickles!   Your host family may or may not eat a traditional breakfast and instead serve toast and tea. 

Takayama sits in a fertile valley.  The school is surrounded by small farms that provide fresh produce.  The nearby river has a several types of fish, one a local specialty that is grilled.  Hida beef is another specialty. 

A fun part of the trip to document is the food we eat and the places where we eat it.

Use this page to add information that you find about food in Takayama or Kyoto.  Later we can add images of the food we discover as we travel.