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Suguru and Trevor


Hi, my name is Trevor. I am 14 years old and go to the International School of the Americas. I am a freshman there. That means this is my first year in high school. I have one younger sister named Heather, and my parents names are Karol and Jed. I love to hang out with my friends and have fun. I am really interested in baseball. I also like photography. I think taking pictures is really fun. I also like sports and nature. I also love reading. I have recently started reading a lot. I also love animals. I have three dogs that I love very much. My whole family loves our dogs. I am really looking forward to making some great memories with you!

Here are some pictures of me and my dogs, Chloe and Juno.

 Hi! I'm Yumura Suguru.  I'm Takayama Nishi high school student of the first grade.
I like playing baseball and running.  I have one brother.  His name is tasuku.
I want to travel many countries.  Thank you!!