Exchange Traveler Application


There may be several openings for travel to Japan in June 2012.  Please see Pamela Valentine or Motoko Abe if you are interested in applying.  Japanese language ability is not a priority but any student who wishes to travel needs to be committed to preparation for the trip and understand the rigor and challenges of the travel.  Discuss with your families the feasibility of travel next summer.  Take time to look through the application below and the questions that you will answer.
Cost: The cost of the exchange is determined once the number of traveling students and teachers, hotel and land travel is known.  Estimated cost for the homestay and three nights in Kyoto is between $3000 and $3500.  Other anticipated expenses include spending money, school uniform, passport, and gifts.  Anticipate a minimum of $300 - $500, of which about $250 for food, bus, subway, and site entrance fees in Kyoto. Gifts and souvenirs on the fireld trip will be in addition.

Families should discuss the financial responsibility as well as the ability for the traveler to participate physically and emotionally in the trip.  Parents, please assess the maturity of your child for the trip. Traveling to a foreign country and experiencing a homestay is stressful as well as exciting.  June is hot and humid in Japan.  Students may walk or ride a bicycle to school.  Travel in Kyoto requires stamina for walking, often up steep hills,  in the heat of the day. Special medical and dietary needs cannot be accommodated.  Please see Ms. Valentine if you have questions or concerns. 

There will be at least three early evening meetings for parents and students.  In addition, exchange sponors and travelers meet every two or three weeks. These are an important part of the preparation for the trip.  Dates for the meetings are set once the traveling group is decided.  Weekly meeting will be the norm closer to the trip.

The traveling group is usually 10-12 students.  Priority is given to rising juniors with Japanese language experience.  Other selection factors include participation in hosting Japanese students, participation in Japanese club and/or Japanese Honor Society.  Students may re-apply for future exchanges if not selected for this year’s trip.

Please contact Pamela Valentine if you have questions.