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Kyoko and Emily


Hi!  My name is Emily.  I don't know very much about Japan or its culture, but I can't wait to learn from you!  I like reading, writing, drawing, and playing music, especially piano and violin.  I am sure this will be a fun experience for both of us!

今日は私はハナです. 17さいですこうこう三年生です. ISANESAにかよっていますかぞくといっしょにサナントニオにすんでいますしゅみはおんがくをきいて, えをかいて, ほんをよんで, ピアノとギターをしますメキシコとヨーロッパにりょこうします日本に行って楽しみます!

  Hello!!  I'm Kyoko.  I didn't know a lot about San Antonio, but now I know some!!  I'm very excited to be here.  I like drawing and sports.  I really like basketball.  I am having a great time with my host family.  Everyone is very nice to us in San Antonio. 

Kyoko Nomura,
Feb 18, 2011, 12:26 PM