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Kentaro and Yannis

This is a picture of our family. Yannis, 15 years old, is the one on the right with the blonde, curly hair. He is a first year ISA student. Phivos (on the left) is Yannis' brother, and is 17 years old. (click on the picture to magnify)

Hi Kentaro! This is Melanie (Yannis' mother). I can't wait to meet you, and am really looking forward to having you stay with us! 

This is Pepper, our dog. She was young in this photo. She's now 7 years old and very sweet. (click on the picture to magnify)


Our Home - The one with the pool in the back

Our home is about 15 miles from the school. The boys ride a bus from a nearby high school to the Lee campus, where ISA is located. It takes 30 minutes.

To see our home in a greater detail, click the link:
Note: In the street view, our home is the one on the right, with the 2 cars parked in front of it.
In the satellite view, our home is the one with the pool in the back. 

For the San Antonio weather, click the link:

For a live picture of the River Walk in San Antonio, click the link: River Walk

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