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Mana and Camille

Host Brother or Sister

Hello, Mana!  I'm Camille, a Junior at ISA.  I'm 16 years old. I'm the oldest of three girls; Lauren is 14, and a freshman at ISA, and Claire is 11. My Dad is an architect, and my Mom is an artist. We have two dogs (Chloe and Butterscotch) and two cats (Bowie and Tink). 
 I loved visiting Japan last summer, and we are really looking forward to having you stay with us!

今日は私はハナです. 17さいですこうこう三年生です. ISANESAにかよっていますかぞくといっしょにサナントニオにすんでいますしゅみはおんがくをきいて, えをかいて, ほんをよんで, ピアノとギターをしますメキシコとヨーロッパにりょこうします日本に行って楽しみます!

Hello! I'm Mana, and I'm 16 years old.
 I'm very glad to meet my host family. 
 I want to talk with you a lot.
I want to make a lot of friends.